Memories of Madness: My Favorite Experiences with My Work Family

Working at Vixen Vapors, you spend a lot of time with your fellow coworkers. When it is slow, all of the job related duties are done, and you still have an abundance of hours left in the workday, sometimes we can become a little… well…bored. To help make our downtime just a little more interesting, some of us may begin to utilize our idle hands by enacting elaborate or just downright annoying pranks on our poor helpless work friends.

Some of these glorious shenanigans could include but are most certainly not limited to: gassing out someone in the bathroom with Febreeze, hiding behind a corner with an air horn to deafen anyone who unsuspectingly passes by, sneaking a fake but still very disgusting cockroach in all sorts of random places in the store, or my personal favorite, poking holes in the straws of any helpless Wing Stop cup that is left alone on a counter. No one is ever safe, their belongings never exempt from the tomfooleries that may ensue. Anything and everything is grounds for mischief. While someone is busy either doing actual work or doing any other variety of tasks to preoccupy their mind from the scoundrel’s evil plans, the traps would be set and the snickering prankster would patiently wait. After the deed is done and the prey has been duped once again, the usually exasperated colleague will begin to plan their revenge and thus the endless cycle continues.

We like to always make work as enjoyable as possible and have a great time in our own way here at Vixen Vapors. We always make sure to always put the customer first in every situation, but if we can squeeze in a way to mess with our amazing work family then you can guarantee we’re going to take any and every opportunity to get a friendly jab at our coworkers too. Over the years of being a company, we have pulled some of the craziest stunts that would make even the most extreme pranksters proud but still make sure to not cause too much trouble. So next time you are by a friendly neighborhood Vixen Vapors, feel free to tell us your favorite prank and we will make sure to add it to our arsenal the next time we solemnly swear that we are up to no good.