Kyle Is At It Again With His Cryptic Writing…

I had a thought the other day, the other days’ thought was something along the lines of creativity meets passion mixed with a little fire. Creativity can only take this idea so far before passion gets its grubby little hands all over the idea, then fire just comes in a ruins everything that the two had put together in a stitch effort. I figure my thesis has almost gotten you sucked in but probably not all the way just yet. Let us join in the journey of these three things coming together to see what is made!!!

First off creativity is what I had mentioned, Creativity is the kind of thing that only virtues are formed, so without creativity how can anything be thought out so well. What this brings to the table is the idea of the item we are talking about today, one foresight of this idea is it can make many people happy. The more people that are happy, the better the outcome is for the design to be refined, and for passion to want to come into the mix. When this so called passion mixes itself into the combination, A whole new level of things and trends begin to happen. What I mean by that is, passion brings pure love for the object to the table.

Pure love meaning how the idea is formed and extended upon with extras and additional items that are subjected to being used in such ways to form a larger following for the object that I keep mentioning. Passion is the sort of thing that only few can master and tons of people think they have. Once you find out what the object is the last sentence will plenty of sense. So now that we have creativity start the idea and passion come through and throw its spin on things, this is when fire hopes in to either ruin or intensify the idea. I would think that maybe a select few will know what it is that I am trying to portray to everyone and if you do just let the idea progress. SO let us recap one more time, Creativity is the idea of something that can be the basis of how it forms itself, then passion puts its spin on everything which can cause the object to grow popularity and then fire is just a somewhat special way to describe the jalapenos that go on this burger that we are talking about… I am just a huge fan of jalapenos. It is a Texas thing… I hope it was captivating lol Have a good day everybody!!!!!!!!!!!