Get to Know… Andy

Get to know the Vixen staff: The Andy Edition


It's a moderately paced day at our Fort Worth location so I decide to put Andy under the big lights and ask him a series of very tough, very important questions that could very well determine the fate of the world...He looks so excited doesn't he?

Cat: Is Andy short for something?

Andy: Short for Andrew…yeah

Cat: What are your plans for taking over the world?

Andy: Uh…well in the words of Jack Black "I’m gonna conquer the world with rock!"

Cat: Do you consider yourself Pinky or the Brain?

Andy: The Brain hands down

Cat: What is the best color?

Andy: Black, really it’s the lack there of or the existence of all colors

Cat: Do you think white is great?

Andy: Do I think white is great, like the color? Uh…no it’s easy to get messy

Cat: Tacos…?

Andy: Delicious

Cat: Who is your favorite character on shark tank?

Andy: I know what you’re talking about but I don’t actually watch the show so I'm gonna say the guy with the face

Cat: Would you rather swim in an ocean made of sharks or eat a basketball made of needles?

Andy: I like sharks so sharks totally

Cat: What do you vape with?

Andy: Segeli 150 TC with a Smoktech TFV4

Cat: If you had to cook a meal for your family what would you make for them?

Andy: Um…probably surf and turf, I like some surf and turf

Cat: What is your favorite thing about working @ Vixen?

Andy: Um…the people I work with are like family and the customers are like my friends

Cat: Who is your favorite person at Vixen?

Andy: ME! No uh…uh...uh…I don’t know…everybody is my favorite, except Diego

Cat: If you had to fight someone you know, who would you fight?

Andy: This old coworker that I really hated at my last job

Cat: What is your worst fear?

Diego: Being in a relationship…

Jordan: Waking up in a bed next to a snake

Andy: Um I’m gonna go with the snake one

Cat: Who is your favorite super hero?

Everyone answers for Andy: Batman, Deadpool, Silver Surfer

Andy: Uh no Hellboy definitely

Cat: Marcus wants to know….sharks?

Andy: *Looks pensive* they’re a lot cooler when there’s a wall of glass between me and them

Cat: What was your favorite TV show growing up?

Andy: Like as a kid or older?…Probably was and still is Robot Chicken

Cat: Where are you from?

Andy: Oklahoma

Cat: Where were you raised?

Andy: Oklahoma for 15 years and then here. I affiliate myself more as a Texan

Cat: What are your hobbies?

Jordan: Thinking about playing guitars, selling guitars, hanging with friends, drinking in a corner by himself

Andy: Actually those are pretty accurate…Netflix, reading, discovering new music, drinking

Cat: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

Andy: Australia, I’m actually planning to move there in the next 5 years

Cat: If you caught a shark would you stuff it, eat it, or let it go?

Andy: I’ve tried shark, it’s not that good so…probably let it go, I have no need for a stuffed shark

Cat: If you had to pitch an idea on shark tank what would you pitch?

Andy: *Makes some weird animal noises*…I’m stumped…I really don’t know….affordable Iron Man suits

Cat: Important question: The Million Dollar Question: What is Nemo’s nickname in Finding Nemo?

Andy: Uh *mutters to himself for a minute…slams hand on counter* Sharkbait!