Eleaf iStick 100w

Hey there people!

Eleaf has released their new 100W iStick and it’s coming to Vixen Vapors!  The iStick series of VV/VW mods from Eleaf hit the market late in 2014 with the 20W and were a huge hit.  They quickly sold out and became the highest demanded item at the time.  Shortly after, Eleaf provided a 10W, 30W and 50W option which remained in high demand.  Well, the folks at Eleaf have done it again.

This new addition to the iStick line has a variable wattage range of 5-100 watts.  It also has a variable voltage range of 2-10 volts.  This allows it to push out enough power to fire resistances as low as 0.15 ohms and as high as 5.0 ohms.  The firing pin is spring loaded, making it self-adjusting to the unit put on the top of it and ensuring connectivity with a large range of atomizers and tanks.

The iStick 100W holds two interchangeable 18650 batteries under the magnetic battery covers.  Eleaf recommends that high rated, high amperage batteries such as the LGHE2 or the Samsung 25R be used to maximize the battery power capabilities of the mod.  Another nice feature is the micro-usb charging port on the bottom that provides pass-through charging capabilities.  Also, the iStick 100W supports up to 1 amp output on the adapter which can charge the device in about six hours when using high rated batteries.

The mod itself stands 100mm tall with a width of 54mm and a depth of 26mm.  Made out of aerospace grade aluminum, the mod is lightweight and durable. The 100W iStick comes in two color options, black and silver, which is actually a bit limited to their color selections on previous iStick models.  The casing of the mod is noticeably smoother and sleeker in design and is designed to fit in the hand more comfortably.  There are ventilation holes just above the battery cover to accommodate a better rate of heat dissipation to protect its motherboard from overheating.

The device has a function that allows the user to lock the device’s power level to avoid accidentally changing power levels.  The screen also has the capability to rotate the display by 180 degrees.  A low battery power indicator turns on at 10% and flashes notifying the user to charge the battery.  The digital display provides resistance calculations down to the second decimal for more accuracy.  A built-in temperature alarm function protects the device from firing when overheated.

We currently have this awesome and affordable new device on preorder, and will be expecting our shipment soon. You know what that means? They will be available in our stores and on our website before you know it!  We are also receiving the new iStick TC 40W and will be stocking that on our shelves as early as tomorrow, though it may take a few more days to get all our inventory of the iStick TC 40W all squared away.  Check back on our website for updates or stop by a store and check in for more details, and an updated timeline.  Feel  free to leave a review of the 100W and the TC 40W when you get yours.