Diana’s EDC vaping experience! Part 2

After claims that they didn’t have any with them and a bit more pushing for me to buy a new tank, I decided to try my luck at the other booths. Every booth I went to I explained my issue and stated that I just needed pliers, no one claimed to have any to help me, just more “You need a new tank, we have some options for you.” Finally, I was directed to a booth that was referred to as the “building booth.” Once again, I made my way over and explained my situation and asked for pliers. This shop tells me the same thing; it cannot be fixed. After going into detail about my job and experience fixing this exact issue, I was, in a sense, turned away because they didn’t believe it was possible, and I wasn’t given an option to fix it myself with the pliers I could see behind the counter. Not a single place wanted to fix my Mermaid Plus, just sell me a much more expensive, but less impressive, tank. Thanks to one rude person, and frankly the only rude person I encountered at EDC, I no longer had my hands-down favorite set up and was unable to vape inside of the very first vape-friendly EDM festival, and it was still only a few hours into the first day. Luckily, I have an awesome boyfriend and he knew exactly how to swoop in and take my mind off of this issue and turn my night around. Let’s fast forward again to about 8 hours later, and we’re all back at the rental house. While I was happy to be at my “home” for the week, I was still very upset about my vape. I decided to try my luck at calling the local vape shops to ask for help. I hoped on Google and found the phone numbers I needed, my boyfriend and I made phone calls explaining my situation and asking for a replacement base, the tank itself, or if someone could fix it for me if I explained how. To make this long story just a bit shorter I’ll sum up my phone calls by saying that I was unable to find help. I was at the end, and I was very upset. So, I sat down and started doing some calculations to figure out how much money I could spend on a new tank and some spare coils.

I decided to go hang out with my best friend in her room and use hers for the time being until I committed to buying a new one before the festival that day. When I told her all of the trouble I was having, and that I just needed pliers, she simply said “My build kit is in my bag, grab it.” In that moment my entire attitude changed, my best friend saved the day! I took the kit, with pliers in it, to my room, grabbed my set up, and began to take everything apart. Within five minutes of being given the pliers I needed, my vape was fixed and I was using it. In fact, I’m using the same set up as I write this. I knew that I could fix it, but I was constantly told that I was wrong, so when I did fix it I was incredibly proud of myself. What is your proudest moment while vaping?