Crowley Poker Nights

Poker Night with phone #

                  Hey everyone it is Kyle, everyone’s  friendliest man at Vixen Vapors in the Crowley and or south Ft. Worth area, I would like to mention that we carry a poker tourney night every once in a while. All are welcome, EOPT (equal opportunity poker tourney), But of course we require you to be at least 18 to attend and 21 to qualify for the BYOB part of the night. It is a fun evening of cards, laughs, good times, and a chance to walk away with a little bit of money, if you play your cards right. See what I did there, I made a funny haha,  but seriously we have a lot of fun, make some new friends and enemies (only for the night) in the process.

Lemme explain how this works real quick, first off it will always be on a Saturday evening and we will definitely tell you what date ahead of time, so no worries on that. After close Christian and I will set up chairs and tables accordingly, BYOC (bring your own chair) if you may and or please because we never know how popular they may be the night of the event.  Everyone will grab a seat how they would like to, first come first serve on table placement of course. There is a $10 buy in fee to receive your chips, $750 in chips dispersed to each player, but I was recently influenced to hand out referral chips you could say. So how this works is anyone I have seen before brings someone I have never seen before and will receive $250 extra in chips and the one being referred will receive $50 extra in chips.

Once everyone has sat down and chips have been dealt out, we will let the tables pass the dealer chip around, and NO you don’t have to know how to deal exactly because you will know how to shortly after starting J, blind timers will start to raise the blinds every twenty minutes, and this will also bring up the re-buy question everyone will have, no biggie I allow everyone to buy back in once and once only which will be another $10 dollars, so play as sparing or as dangerously as you would like too!!!!! Snacks are provided for the evening and sodas for those who are not indulging in alcoholic beverages. The pot is split to the top three spots at the end of the night, going 50% to first place finisher, 30% to second place finisher, 20 % the third place finisher, so we encourage you to bring as many people as you can to sweeten that pot by the end of the night. OH and I must say this!!! ONE REFERRAL PER PERSON!!!!!!

Hope to see everyone that can make it out to poker night! It will be a lot of fun no doubts there! Check the Vixen Vapors interwebs Facebook pages, like them and share all the posts please so you can find out when the next one will be happening!!! Yall have a good day and or evening, whenever you may be reading this.

Beard or No Beard? that is the question I will leave you with today……