Creating our e-Liquid Flavors

Does the spirit of an executive chef live inside you creating e-liquid flavors that inspire everyone?  Do you like to see what oddball creations you can come up with to surprise your friends with?  The staff at Vixen Vapors loves creating e-liquid flavors and concoctions; utilizing our master level mixing skills to play around and develop delectable, deligthful and fun flavors.  Some of our best flavors come from our staff members playing around,putting their creativity to the test and trying out different flavor combinations.

One of our current favorites, affectionately named Nat-20, came about when our man Craig, was creating e-liquid flavors for the pure purpose of pleasing his own taste buds. HE concocted a nutty flavor boosted by swirls of white chocolate and creamy vanilla, this flavor is smooth and bold at the same time. First introduced to our menu under the Winter seasonal line, it was such a well-loved flavor that we had to make it part of our regular menu line up.

In the early days of Vixen Vapors, the mixers (Lyndee and J) would team up, pumping out orders double time.  Occasionally, in the heat of the moment, a flavor would be added to the wrong bottle, and while we always correct our mistakes, some mistakes make for a great invention process and a great way for creating e-liquid flavors!  This is how Jay’s Juice was created.  J was mixing orders with Lyndee and accidentally put Zom B Gone in a bottle that already had been flavored with Vixen’s Secret.  These two amazing flavors combined to create a new, powerful fruity blend that quickly became a favorite flavor among many.

One of our former team members, Daniel, loved the flavor RY4.  A creature of habit, he rarely ventured away from what he knew he liked.  One day he had the brilliant idea to add a hint of strawberry to this flavor and RawrRY4 was born.  It quickly became his new go-to e-liquid flavor and the only one he would use.  Customers would always request his mixture because the flavor was so tasty and smooth.  With this warm reception, we had to add it to our menu so everyone could taste the brilliance of this flavor.

Dr. Goo is a tasteful e-liquid flavor that began in an idea storm of creating e-liquid flavors to update our menu.  Dale and Randy were combining their brain power to figure out a flavor that would burst, or should I say Pop, with sweet, fruity, juiciness on inhale and exhale.  They worked on the recipe for a while, perfecting this flavor to its full potency.  Now we have this amazing flavor potion that knocks people’s socks off.

Creating e-liquid flavors is a pretty fun process and the possibilities are limitless.  Have you ever come up with a tasty idea that you cannot wait to try out?  Stop by a store and test out some of the e-liquid flavor combinations, or create your own custom e-liquid flavor! We offer the ability for you to play the mixologist for the day, and are happy to combine up to 3 of our menu flavors into one customized, just for you, flavor!  Who knows, you may just create the next Tiger’s Blood.