Craig’s Pantego Take Over

Hello Party People,

We have some great news for the awesome patrons of our Pantego location! Do you know what it is? Well, CRAIG IS TAKING OVER AS STORE MANAGER!!! WOOOHOOO!

Don't worry for all of you who knew and loved Angela as the manager, she will still be with us, her position has just changed, and for the all around better, Angela will now be acting as our Brand Ambassador, and her title requires her to travel around from store to store to help make sure our customer service is at o ur expected level, and take successes from other stores and relay them, and just over all ensure that Vixen Vapors is living up to its own expectations and the expectations of our amazing customers.

Back to the Craig take over. We are so excited to have Craig on our team, and so thankful that he felt prepared, to step up and lead our Pantego Team. This guy is a great customer service representative, and really knows his stuff, he has a great knowledge base on all things vaping and electronic cigarettes, as well as has a great understanding of our company and our company goals at Vixen. Craig is a very creative guy who is a great problem solver and has a lot of fantastic ideas he will be bringing to the Pantego store, so be on the lookout for those fun changes and activities.  We are confident he will make a great new store manager for our Pantego store, and we can't wait for him to get started!

If you visit the Pantego store regularly make sure you stop buy and tell him congratulations, or just stop in and tell him your thoughts. I am sure he would love the additional feedback so he can better prepare himself to make the changes to his store so that his store can be the best Vixen Vapors there is. Watch out Morgan and Sara, Craig is coming for your awesome atmosphere titles!

Also for more on our awesome Craig, take second to check out his profile on our About Us section!