Christian’s New Year’s Resolution

Every year the holiday season seems to rush on by for all of us who choose to celebrate them. This is Christian again from Vixen Vapor’s Crowley location and this time I’m going to be talking about a wondrous holiday that the U.S. celebrates with resolutions and vast amounts of liquor to forget the past year. If you haven’t guessed it I’m talking about New Year’s Eve.

To start off I have a resolution I want to get done above all and that’s learning to manage money better. It’s tough being an adult with money and not buying a new game. I have to be so careful with money that I have to cancel dates sometimes because it’ll bankrupt me if I go on a single date. Girls are expensive, that’s a big life lesson I learned. If anyone says they aren’t then they are lying. Most things cost more than you think they would. Groceries for a 20 year old male is stupid expensive. You have to bargain shop like crazy so the easiest solution is….. WinCo. Cheapest store by far, you will save about 40% if not more there. Life lessons to teach that are starving because you spent 60 bucks on potatoes, Gatorade, and pasta. So much money down the drain at Brookshire’s where it maybe would be 20 at WinCo. If I can budget a bit better it would relieve some of the stresses I have at the moment. Living pay check to pay check sucks but is easily managed.

My next resolution to be is to work out more. When I left basic I was decently fit to be honest. It sucked but half right face led to me being fit. Don’t tell the drill sergeants that though. I want to cut down again and be able to do cardio without getting dizzy or getting shin splints. I have countless exercises memorized from basic so I have a starting point at least. I plan on doing basic exercises and modifying my diet to tart. After that once I get a small routine down I want to start going to a gym and get more gains. I never had a weight issue so working out is really just for the feeling after your done and recovering. After a long run you have the weirdest sense of high and feel great from it. I want to enjoy the workout itself again