What’s playing at Vixen Vapors Pantego?

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Greetings Vapors and gentleman,

  Here at vixen vapors we have a very diverse music selection, and if you have been in to our Pantego location you may have noticed. There is always a different style, Genre, Artist or band playing for your enjoyment and ours! Each of our employees are lovers of all music, but as always we have our favorites to listen to during the workday.

  When Craig is on music duty you can expect to hear the artsy rock style of bands like Pink Floyd, Tool and A Perfect Circle. Craig is drawn to these bands for their unique style and brilliant concepts. It’s the type of music that if you pay attention, you can always find a deep and intellectual meaning within the lyrics and even the subtle swell of the instrumentals.

 Our resident musician Nick is a fan of the classics such as Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel and Elton John. The Jazzy style of these musicians provides a calm, peaceful work environment without being so slow that it puts us to sleep! Jack Johnson is also one of his favorites. The smooth folk style and mellow vocals are the perfect start of the day.

 Tiffani brings us all back to an age of Saturday morning cartoons, moon shoes and silly putty with her 90’s rock playlists! Bands like Sugar Ray, Bowling For Soup, Matchbox 20 and Third Eye Blind make the nostalgia flow through the store with catchy guitar riffs and clever lyrics. Who could possibly have a bad day at work while recalling the glorious days of teenage angst?

 TJ prefers his music to be a little bit heavier however, listening to bands such as Sevendust, Breaking Benjamin and Five Finger Death Punch. The heavy instrumentals and powerful vocals are a perfect accompaniment to TJ’s hyped up personality. You can probably hear him singing along in the lab if you listen close!

 Being lovers of music in general we all appreciate the musical choice of each of our coworkers. Any and all music helps us get through the day and continue to provide the excellent customer service we are known for! Now to pose a question! What styles, songs or Artists do you like most? What would you like to hear while walking into one of our locations? Let us know and stop by to hear what we will be playing next! Thanks for reading and we hope you have a groovy, hard rockin’ day!