Cinnamon e-Liquid

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Product Description

Our Cinnamon e-liquid is the ultimate indulgence for cinnamon lovers. It’s spicy, sweet, and tingly, with that exotic woody fragrance from the finest true cinnamon bark.

***This E-liquid is SHOULD NOT be used in plastic or acrylic tanks. For more information, please click on the red “incompatible” tab above.

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This product may be incompatible with your tank!

The flavorings we use in our eLiquids are both naturally extracted and artificial. Some flavorings are naturally more acidic than others. Flavors that are highly acidic may react to polycarbonate plastic and acrylic, causing cracks in tanks or drip tips. The most common acidic flavors are Cinnamon and Wintergreen. These flavors must be vaped in a metal, glass, or polypropylene atomizer/tank. All eLiquids that have been known to cause issues with plastic tanks will have warnings posted in their respective flavor descriptions.

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