Menu Changes Starting December 1st

Hello Everyone,

In preparation for our final product listing submissions for the FDA at the end of this year, we have decided to make a few changes to our menu.  We will be adding new flavors, removing some old flavors, and moving some flavors into different categories on our website.  These changes will go into effect the morning of December 1st.  We will not be able to sell any removed flavors after November 30th, so please place your orders soon if your favorite flavor is scheduled to be discontinued.  Here is a full list of changes:

Flavors being REMOVED December 1st:

  1.  Hypnosis
  2.  Monster Brew
  3.  Gummi Bear
  4.  Neo Candy
  5.  Frigid Bastard
  6.  Wintergreen
  7.  Caramel
  8.  Mango
  9.  Banana
  10.  Apple
  11.  Peanut Butter Cookie
  12.  Colada Cupcake
  13.  Strawberry Ice Cream
  14.  Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake
  15.  Strawberry Limeade

 Flavors being ADDED December 1st and their corresponding categories:

  1.  Green Apple  - Feeling Fruity
  2.  Blackberry - Feeling Fruity
  3.  Kiwi - Feeling Fruity
  4.  Groovy Fruit - Feed Your Sweet Tooth
  5.  Splish Splash - Feed Your Sweet Tooth
  6.  Pop Hop - Quench Your Thirst
  7.  Cheranimo - Quench Your Thirst
  8.  Summer Love - Strawberry Fields
  9.  Cake Walk - Goodies are Good

New categories for existing flavors:

  1. Caramel Hazelnut will be moved to "Tongue Busters"
  2. Peachy Keen will be moved to "Garden of Eden"
  3. Paradise will be moved to "Strawberry Fields"
  4. Ultraviolet will be moved to "Strawberry Fields"
  5. Carousel Crunch will be moved to "Goodies are Good"
  6. Bee's Knees will be moved to "Garden of Eden"
  7. Kiss Me Kiwi will be moved to "Quench Your Thirst"


-Vixen Staff