A moving and favorite customer experience at the Fort Worth location!

Honestly it would have to be today. Have you ever experienced someone who was just so heart felt about others around them? Have you ever just met someone who literally only cared about the other person’s well-being?

I met that customer today.

This man had obviously had an awful day. He had a run in with the police over an incident that he honestly didn’t expect to happen. This woman had come into our Fort Worth location and even seeing the situation first hand took it upon herself to be involved. She had taken every action and every motive to make sure that this specific man and his child were receiving the utmost care and respect. She had even offered to buy our entire location food. She did not have to do any of that. She simply told us “my actions are pure based upon the kindness of my heart, there are so many bad things happening in the world currently there is no time for judgement or hate.” This simply made AJ, and myself cry. Seeing this woman come into our location much less run outside immediately after entering to help someone she didn’t even know and giving them such kindness made our world light up. This woman cried knowing that she had helped someone with their hardship this day. She had gone as far as to buy food for our entire location and food for the sole human being in this situation. Seeing someone take such pride and care in someone she didn’t even know made our world light up.

We were not able to catch her name, but honestly her name didn’t even matter. The fact that she spent 4 hours out of her day making sure a father and his child were safe was the most we could have asked for. She not only went out of her way to protect his child but also made sure that BOTH of them had food in their bellies when they left our parking lot. Seeing the kindness that another human had for the other made our day! We thanked this woman for her time and gratefulness.  Honestly it surprised us.  We in no way expected our slow day to turn around into something so hopeful and positive. Every customer we had after this seemed to share such heartfelt stories and it’s almost like it was a rebound of happiness and support. In no way did we expect everyone to open up the way that they did. Just goes to show, one act of kindness will spin into a whirlwind of kindness that is never-ending, I hope that everyone we meet is as giving and supportive as the woman we met today, For that, we as Vixen Vapors Fort Worth thank you.