Tornado Weather

Hey guys and gals!

I know many of our awesome customers and enthusiasts live in the North Texas area, so I want to take a moment and talk about how CRAZY this weather and these storms get when it is spring in Texas! I think I was ready just the other day that Grandview has seen 19 reported tornado touch downs over the last 3 weeks! Thats just one tiny town south of the Metroplex of Dallas Fort Worth! We had awful storms move in on Saturday night and last night a tornado hit Denton and another caused massive destruction in an East Texas town called Van.

With all this crazy weather we have going on we want to remind everyone to stay safe indoors during this lovely start to spring if you live in that Tornado Alley, and seek shelter when it is advised! If you don't know about tornados, or the proper precautions to take to prepare for one, it is advised that you find an interior most room  on the bottom level of a structure, that does not have windows, and take shelter there. We Texans like to take along pillows, and thick blankets with us, so that we are extra padded and comfortable! If your home or place of business has a basement then seeking shelter in a basement is preferred! If you are in a mobile home, trailer, RV, or your vehicle when a tornado threat is coming, it is advised that you find the nearest stable structure, and move to an inner most room within that building and take cover. If there are no buildings nearby, park your car and get as far away from it as possible and seek shelter in a ditch, and lay as close the ground as possible and cover your head. Do the same if you are out in the middle of a field, with no nearby buildings, walking around when a tornado hits, take cover by finding the lowest point in the nearby ground, such as a ditch, or small valley, and lay as close to the ground as possible.

If you are visiting one of our locations we take shelter in the following way.

Pantego: In Pantego, we take shelter in our hardware room, this is the inner most room that is free of large heavy furniture and glass.

Fort Worth: Our Fort Worth Patrons will take cover in office, or the employee break room, or our battery tech closet, both bathrooms are suitable for taking cover as well.

Crowley: In our Crowley Store we will be taking cover in the Office, or in the Employee break cove!

It is very important to us that we keep ourselves, our team members, and our clients safe during these severe storm threats, so please pay attention to what our staff advises, and make good decisions.  Also, be advised that severe storms have the capacity to destroy power lines, telephone lines, roads, and buildings, and may cause one of our locations, including our warehouse to close temporarily, or permanently in extreme cases. During the next month, some unexpected closures may happen, and are typically due to a loss of power, internet, water, damaged building, or opening poses a threat to our team members. Please also be aware that the postal service may be running slower in areas that are prone to severe weather and storms, and seeing as we are getting bombarded by severe weather in the area we are located in, we expect some delays.

We will try to keep you updated on any delays we know about, as well as, any time we close early, open late, or have anything unexpected happen. For more up to date information follow us on facebook, twitter, or google+!

Stay safe y'all!