Aquavive e-Liquid & Zazzles e-Liquid

Hey Vixen Vapors Vapers!

We’ve been at it again!  In the spirit of keeping things fresh and new we are introducing two new flavors to our premium e-liquid line up.  These two new e-liquids are fresh and flavorful bringing mouth-watering juiciness to your taste buds.

Aquavive e-liquid

This tasty e-liquid concoction was created originally by request of one of our vendors and was a complete smash.  It was such a hit that this e-liquid quickly became highly requested by many of our online customers.  Everyone loves watermelon, right?  Well, this e-liquid boasts a juicy watermelon with a zesty kick of lime that is refreshing and bold.  A great summer flavor when relaxing beside the pool with your favorite drink, Aquavive is sure to be the next best thing to eating a refreshing slice of watermelon on those hot summer days.

Zazzles e-liquid

What happens when Robert Oppenheimer gets lonely?  You bring in the whole Manhattan Project and Zazzles!  What e-liquid could possibly be zazzier than Zazzles!?  Apple e-liquid can be such a sweet, delectable flavor to enjoy by itself.  What about when you combine that awesomely sweet apple e-liquid with a tangy, sassy raspberry twist?  You get an e-liquid that is so zazzy that there can only be one name for it.  Zazzles!  This delightful blend of raspberry and apple e-liquid is sure to incite a rush of flavor and stimulate those taste buds, so be sure to grab a bottle and see why they say "An apple a day…"

Stop by the store today and try these new great e-liquid flavors and see just how easy it is for Vixen Vapors to blow your taste buds away with our adept Mixmaster abilities.

PS-Can I get a "Bazinga" from the Big Bang Theory fans?