Team Building Champions

Howdy out there to my Vape Pardners!

As some of you may know, every other month the Vixen staff goes to a day of team building fun. When we typically do team building, we split our team members up into their prospective store locations, or primary place of work, and each team competes against the others for the Team Building Champion title! Well this Sunday we hosted the 3rd Competitive Team Building Competition at our Fort Worth Location and here are your highlights!

The Mission: Take the item in the brown bag and give it a "makeover", or come up with a new use for it. Then create a sales pitch for your cool new product!

The specifics: Each team must create a new name for their product, a logo, a slogan, and deliver a sales pitch to investors.

First to present their item was Team Crowley!


(pictured: Kyle, Aubrie, Morgan, and Susan)

Crowley was excited to introduce to us the Italian Grandmother Phone. Kyle took the lead on the pitch and described to all the interested Investors all the amazing things you could accomplish with the all new and exclusive Italian Grandmother Phone!


(Pictured: Kyle and Aubrie)

Next to entice the Investors was Team Corporate! Unfortunately, the photographer for this event is one of the cooperating members so they do not have a full group photo to share. Oh well. Team Corporate brought to the table a new magical device that was named "Black Magic." Their product has uses for many types of activities. These include; increasing your height for high fives, exercising your hands, keeping track of your writing utensil, a maraca (cause you  never know when you are going to need to bust out those maraca skills,) a tank holder, and even a confetti launcher, which he demonstrated with the assistance of J!



(Pictured: Amee and Marcus)


(Pictured: Marcus)


(Pictured: J and Marcus)

Third up was The inventive crew from Pantego!

(Pictured: Cait (barely), Kayce, Lauren, Christian, Kendall, Craig, and Alynna)

Pantego brought the idea of the PC Comb. This comb is a great solution for those who... well anyone I am sure, however, we were led to believe it is extremely rare, and was an extremely limited production, only one ever making it  into the hands of the public. We were told they are for barter only, and to use its elusive powers you must impress the comb itself. Apparently this product houses true magic, and even the inventors aren't sure of its true potential to create great changes in society, the world, or even the universe."


(Pictured: Christian, Kendall, Kayce, and Craig)

Following Team Pantego, we had the tiny Online Crew, as many of their members were out on Vacation. Team Online brought us the S.A.D. or the Small Annoying Device, and were accompanied in their pitch by the infamous Tiny Harry, who loves nothing more than to hang out on his Mommy's (Cat) Tummy!


(Pictured: Cat, Tiny Henry, and AJ)

The Small Annoying Device is revolutionary in the fight of fighting those who annoy you. This new creation allows you to get your revenge on those that pester you by destroying them with... annoyingness... in return! KJ1A0096


Then wrapping up the day of product pitches for the Investors, was Team Fort Worth presenting the... well I can't exactly tell you, it has a naughty word, but the A** Blaster!

KJ1A0103(Pictured: Andy, Collin, Diego, and Sara)

This  product is amazing for those who frighten easily and may have a problem with losing their bowels in the process. Not to worry, your embarrassment can be contained with this new fan style product, to blow the evidence away? We aren't sure either!


(Pictured: Jordan, Andy, Collin, and Diego)

The Investors took a vote for which product they were most impressed with, and we are happy to announce the new Team Building Champions are.....