Christian’s Hidden Talent!

Hey how’s everyone doing in this summer heat? This time I’m here to write about hidden talents, mine more specifically though. My best hidden talent is my love of writing poems.

I started writing merely as a class assignment in 8th grade. I wrote a little in 6th but I didn’t actually do it as a past time till 8th. My poems have never been happy go lucky or completely joyous. I write about how I view myself and society using quite a few grammatical devices to make them sink in. As of lately my most cynical view of society is seen in my poem “Golden Streets

Upon these golden streets the meaningful words are lost in translation. All around angels lay as dreams are made. How daring this world has become. How foolish this place now seems. As the city is reformed countless times it still shines just as dull though. The silver waters still poison our veins as monsters continue their pursuits. Even emerald hide aways disappear in the overwhelming grey. The sun may shine but no one seems happy. The endless azure is darker now than those of its stories. So many promises this land has made but so many now broken. As we lie dying or kill to dream many seem incomplete. That is the simple state of the American dream.     –C. Reel

This mundane thing became a wonderful experience the more I wrote. I loved writing poetry after 8th grade and never stopped. At a glance it may not seem like I would write or because it’s a “girly” thing to do. Poetry is unique to every individual in both how they write it and receive it. When I write I don’t try to appeal to anyone for it would lose it personal touch that way. Writing is a form of expression with you and the paper, the only thing between is the pen. You have to keep that intimate relationship or it becomes plagued with fallacies. Imagine painting a picture for mother’s day but you make sure to paint a blue rose because you were told to by someone. Your mom doesn’t care for blue and has no symbolism. When others try to meddle in your art then it becomes theirs, not yours. Ramblings of a madman make more sense because they are true to him even if others deny him. One should never waste a talent/hobby that makes you happy. There is too much too worry about without over thinking things. Enjoy the little things may you enjoy the stars, writing non sense stories, or just hula hooping. Enjoy the little things and hope everyone’s enjoyed my insight on my hidden talent and what it means to me. Everyone have fun and keep it mellow.