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5 reviews for Dr. Goo™ e-Liquid

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    This one is a little too strong for me on it’s own, but perfect when mixed at 1 part Dr. Goo and 2 parts Watermelon Bubblegum 🙂

  2. Autumn A Smith

    just got this flavor and I LOVE it!! the mix of Cantaloupe, Watermelon and Peach is a really nice blend!! its super smooth!!

  3. Sharnon Johnston-Robinett

    This one grew on me. Of course, it was evident from the picture that there’s cantaloupe, watermelon & nectarine/peach. At first, I found it a bit overpowering (I did order DOUBLE flavor, DUH- lol). But, I found myself wanting it!
    This one’s different, but flavor-junkies will appreciate the perfect complexity of this incredulous fruit mix!
    (I would also prefer some type of description of the juices. I have never ordered a juice that didn’t offer some type of description, until this one. My kids & I are Dr. Who fans & that is the only reason I gave this one a 2nd look. I even Googled Dr. Goo & couldn’t find any info as to the type of flavor this one offered. So please give a bit of a description on the ‘secret’ ones.)

  4. Kevin Schools

    It’s a doctor who theme. Obviously just look at the fruits and you can figure out what it is

  5. Shell Silliman

    What all using this?? It’s unfortunate there is not a description… I wouldn’t buy a juice not knowing what it’s all about. That’s too bad because I could miss out on a great flavor :/

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